One thing you should probably know about me is I am seriously OBSESSED with Fall and Halloween. Every time this sweet sweet season comes around I get seriously so happy! You can ask Weston, I will literally just start crying and he will ask whats wrong and I just tell him that I am crying because I am so happy its Fall! haha!

So with that being said, I am SHOCKED I haven’t done a Halloween Themed photoshoot yet!??! I feel like the timing this year was especially perfect.

For the past 2-3 months I had been in such a creative rut, and was even wondering if photography was something I even wanted to do anymore! After talking with Wes, we decided that I have just become burnt out from all the weddings, and family sessions I had been doing. I needed to do a photoshoot just for ME!

Why is it important to do photoshoots just for you?

After doing this, I now realize how important it is to never stop planning your own photoshoots and getting inspired to create something just for YOU! As I was planning this photoshoot, looking for inspiration, shopping for the dress, scouting out the location, etc. it reminded me of the passion and fire I had when I first realized my love for photography! It reminded me of how excited I would get for the weekend to come, to go adventure and capture the world through a different perspective. Doing these kinds of photoshoots are so important for your creative mind and soul.

A few important things to remember:

The number one most important thing to remember is, this photoshoot is supposed to be fun! Not work! If you get too many people involved and make it too complicated, it becomes too stressful and exhausting and it will make it impossible for you to enjoy yourself!

TAKE YOUR TIME! Set aside the whole day if you need to! It is so important for you to feel like you are not in a rush, that you can sit there for 5 minutes staring at the model to be able to think of something new you can try if you need to! That is why I had my best friend model for me. I knew she would be great because she would understand what I am trying to do, and we are comfortable enough around each other that I didn’t feel the need to fill the empty space with small talk! It was perfect!

Sometimes as creatives we need silence, and time to be able to expand our creative mind and look at things from a different perspective. That is why I think it is so crucial to have time to meditate, listen to a podcast that gets your juices flowing, or even just laying down with your eyes closed to open up your mind.


If I have learned anything from doing this, it is that I shouldn’t wait until I am on the verge of giving up to give myself a creative outlet! I have made a goal for myself to do at least one of these shoots every season! I had so much fun taking my time, being on my own schedule and just messing around with different angles, light and lenses! I can honestly say I feel like I have fallen back in love with photography.

Florals by: The Potted Pansy

Florals by: The Potted Pansy